A year and 3 months later…


{random picture of beans to entice you to read this post}

I wasn’t exactly sure how to start this back up… “Stuff that happened in 2014″ or “While I was out” seemed too… well I guess it indicates that someone was paying attention. And… I think it that knowing no one is caused me to always sway back and forth between the decision “to blog… or not to blog?” I realized over the last year (and 3 months) while my blog was down that, I really missed it! I’ve never been the upcoming blogger who shares my posts on Facebook trying to get my friends to read what college-smart opinion I have. I take the whole, “write like you speak” approach way too far. And I don’t have a system, blog schedule or specific topic or goal in mind.

I just like to blog.

And I decided that is enough reason to continue it. I need something I can do that is truly a hobby. When I sing, it’s not just for the enjoyment of singing… It’s all serious and it’s my school! And let’s be honest, cleaning is not a hobby no matter how much I enjoy it. I’m not a crafter, fashionista, photographer, graphic designer or a “creative.”

I’m Nerdy Peacock.

And quite frankly, there’s nothing quite like that out there.

So to my future self and possibly only reader, hello. March 10th was a great day. {Yes, March 10th} I’ve had insomnia so ignore the March 11th date stamp ;)

Will you dress up this Tuesday?

Link: Will you dress up this Tuesday? Facebook Page!

Dress Up Tuesday was started at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year at Washington High School. Due to the lack of a fine arts program at Washington, students needed a way to express their artistic passion and creativity. Dress Up Tuesday gives students this outlet and allows them to feel like they are a part of something. So, will you dress up this Tuesday?

Snow Daze

Today is not an ordinary Thursday. One might ask, “Is there ever an ordinary day?” And to that I would say, “You are correct. Each and everyday is special in its own way.” But enough with the ridiculous philosophical junkie talk and off to bigger and better things.

I personally LOVE school. I think it would be safe the say that the majority of high school students do not wake up in the morning ecstatic about going to school. I consider these students to be crazy. Who doesn’t love (a) going to socialize with friends and meeting new people (b) learning new things (c) talking in other languages and (d) wearing scholastic attire? But with all seriousness aside, I am truly grateful for my education and my country that provides it.

The point of all this was to say, today is not an ordinary Tuesday because it’s a snow day. It worked out quite well because I have more time for homework, I can sort my “to be filed box” which is overflowing, and I didn’t exactly go to bed at the most decent time last night.

However, it is more like a snow daze. The snow is dazzling, we are given the great unexpected news of school being canceled, and we are a bit overwhelmed with all this extra time. Snow days may seem like pointless hours of freedom and relaxation, but in fact we are learning, just as we would at school. We are faced with several decisions such as, whether to fight the roads and risk safety or stay nestled in our home. Whether to sleep in and waste hours or take advantage of them. And whether to do what needs to be done or wait till tomorrow. These lessons we learn on snow days do not get us scholarships or higher ACT scores, but rather higher success rates and personal satisfaction.

And so it is time to conclude my first Text Post by saying Hello to YOU. You, my friend, are like a Day.