In the Crook of a Steinway

Steinway & Sons My college auditions are over, and what a great experience they were. My first time to stand on a stage, in the crook of a Steinway & Sons Piano, singing Mozart and Quilter. I felt so at home, so in my niche, and so eager to do this as a career.

With singing, it’s alway been hard to decide if I wanted to do it as a career or just a hobby. When I was about twelve, this was the time that High School Musical became all the rage, I realized that singing was actually cool. I had always thought of it as the nerdy, artsy thing to do (which I am totally okay with now, not when you’re an awkward twelve). High School Musical changed the opinions of acne-faced pre-teens across America, and that changed me.

Yet, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I really committed to the degree, Vocal Performance that is. My parents will vouch when I say I am still not entirely sure. For now, however, I am entirely sure. There’s something different about this degree than any other degree I could see myself doing: aspiration. I have considered so many careers, but what I have realized is that none of them have an aspiration. Performance is something that I aspire to be the best I can be at. I sometimes do not want to perform because I don’t like presenting something that is not my full capability, unlike other things that I simply just want to do “good enough” on. I have a dream, a vision, and a goal. And I believe in it. I believe it so much that as I begin to think about the days when that dream comes to pass, I am overjoyed and almost begin to weep (which is rare for me, ha).

Aspiration is the key. You have to want to move forward. Some things stay east and west. But the greatest go north. Move forward. Dream big. And aspire to something greater than yourself, all while staying in the crook of a steinway.

And so the world turns….

But hasn’t it always turned?

It’s my first official day as a senior and I am a little puzzled about how I should react. I think to myself… “Oh no! I can’t survive life on my own!” Well, after observing some of the things people, who I once thought of as “ahead of me,” have done I realize I am farther along than I think. I say, “I have too much to learn!” and while that is true, I will always be learning, even in my old age. And so I think, “What has God got up his sleeve?” and to that I say, “God doesn’t wear shirts!”

We often put ourselves into thinking that no one else has been in the position we have been in. We exclude ourselves from society thinking we are better, worse, more experienced, not experienced enough and the list goes on, when in reality there over six billion people on the planet; at least one has experienced what we have. These words that I type are stationed at thousands of IP addresses, not just mine….because although I may be eccentric in my little town, so are a lot of other people.

A few weeks ago I was asked in a group setting if I had ever felt like no one understood what it was like to me be. I didn’t raise my hand, and the person who asked the question said everyone should have, and so I pondered the question a bit more. However, I could not bring myself to think such a thing nor could I ever recall myself thinking such a thing. Yes, sometimes I tell my mother, “You just don’t understand!” and while this may be true, that doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t understand. I suppose I just think, Leigha, you’re not THAT special, other people have been in your shoes, they sell them everywhere!

And so, as a new chapter of my life is being opened, I think HOW ARE PEOPLE TO MAKE ALL THESE HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING DECISIONS BEFORE THEY EVEN TURN EIGHTEEN!?! Yet, I remind myself, I am not the only one. The world has turned since the beginning of time, and it will continue to do so for as long as the Creator chooses to practice his basketball skills. And so I will continue to life my life, as the world turns.