Instagram and the iPhone

If you’re like most artistic people, almost everything you see, you try to imagine how it could make a great photograph, video, or craft. Anytime you see a unique tree or old building you wish you had a camera. For that, you have the iPhone, which takes beautiful pictures with the 4s’s new 8 megapixel camera. Photography captures emotions as it captures moments; there are some moments that videos just don’t cut it and Twitter just isn’t enough characters. This is were Instagram comes into play.

Instagram was created about 13 months ago for iPhone (or any iOS device) users to *instantly* share their photos with the world. Instagram is like Twitter for your photos. Of course, just like any social app, it has it’s downsides. Here is the good, bad, and ugly (and yes, we’re referring to photos).

The app allows anyone to share photos! This is great for all you photo enthusiast. However, Newbob’s Law still applies:  just because you use Instagram doesn’t make you a photographer.

From Instagram user @gulnara

You want to tell everyone about how you just got engaged! Well, most people don’t have time to read your three-status long story about it, and we don’t want  gushy details. We just want to see the significant other, and the ring. Plus, as we all know, a picture is worth 420 characters. Show us how you really feel.

From Instagram user @photooftheday

What about those adorable new shoes you want to share with your girlfriends? A lot of good telling us about them does. Share you’re outfit, new shoes, or that new book on a your new IKEA coffee table. Then, instantly share it with all your Twitter stalkers and Facebook Freddies. P.S. We do love the following shoes :D

From Instagram user @lovegramers


Instagram’s navigation could use some work and  it’s slightly creepy having people “Love” your pictures that don’t know you. But all-in-all, Instgram allows everyone to find the photographer in themselves. So, what the heck, follow us on Instgram:@NerdyPeacock.

Instagram tips coming soon!