bitter sweet

It is a very puzzling phenomenon when you find yourself loosing excitement and joy about something you were once so passionate about. I find myself slowly no longer being satisfied with where I am at and wanting to move on. Yet there is part of me that keeps waiting for those old feelings and sensations to return, hoping that I will stay put.

Yet, as much as try to bring back what was in the past, the truth is things have changed. It is no longer like it once was… or maybe I’m just beginning to see what was really there.

Either way…

It is time to reflect on all the wonderful things. It is important to not become bitter in remembering the sweetness. So with that it is time to “so long” and “farewell.”

It is indeed…bitter sweet.


Children’s Center Bowl

Today is just another Monday. Actually, it is superb Monday!!! It’s one of those days where I have nothing to do, so I get to actually DO stuff. Such as, sort papers, fold laundry (so I can have clean underwear, and maybe get a head start on reading my new book.

Well, since it’s Monday that also means there was a weekend! :D Last Friday we had the 2nd Annual Children’s Center Bowl: Bethany vs. Washington. The Children’s Center (CC) is an amazing place in Bethany, OK that provides care to kids with disabilities. The week leading up to the big game both schools did fundraisers to earn money for the CC. We sold t-shrits, pizza, movie day tickets, and even did some penny wars. After all the money was collected and counting up the several big donations, Washington raised over 8,000 dollars, which is more than the two schools combined raised last year (that was over 7,000). With Bethany’s donations, the schools ended up raising over 10,000 dollars to the CC kids, which was amazing!

The Bethany Pride and Warrior Pride got together and performed two pieces of music in which the CC kids came out and played their music therapy instruments. As drum major, I got too see all the kids and smiles on their faces.

Children's Center BowlOverall, this game was for sure the highlight of my weekend, among other things like hanging out with my friends and having a church picnic. Week End or Week Day, it’s good to be alive.