{pictured above, lovers and their two-lips}

May has always been my favorite month. Of course May 27th is my favorite day of the year when I get gluten-free cookie cake and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but all the days are really quite wonderful. School comes to end, the anticipation of true summer lingers. Smells of sunscreen and pool water taunt you as you wait for your first dip. Graduations and weddings {which we know the real fun is getting a new dress for the occasion} and temporary goodbyes for the three months of fun. Celebrating mom, catching up on long-lost sleep and relearning the remote to operate that thing they call TV.

May I tell you… I love it.

What I have to say about Memorial Day. 

I was asked to speak at the Veterans’ Corner in Goldsby in May for the dedication of two new monuments, POW and MIA. Being Memorial Day, I found this to be also appropriate. It was rather windy, so between trying to to flash the audience, holding a mic, and keeping hold of my paper I think I did pretty well. It was honor to get to speak. Enjoy!