It’s Gonna Be Okay

My roommate got me a wonderful Christmas present, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal. She’s all about journaling and handwriting stuff and paper goods.

I have leather journal that my mother purchased for me over six years ago. I wrote a few things in it over the years, but was saving it for something special. I decided to dedicate it to my college adventures.

However, this journal has a more serious tone to it. I’m not big into journaling, mainly because I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. Not to mention my drab handwriting. So when Sam, my roommate, gave me this new journal I was thrilled. Now I can rant, vent and rave anytime I am overwhelmed or things just aren’t going well.


I even get inspirational quotes on every page!

So if you’re like me and you’re not much of a journal-er or you’re like Sam and you need to get someone a gift, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal is a great pick.

Cheers to all! And remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay!’

~ Leigha

Altar’d State

On our way out, leaving my grandparents house, we stopped by one of my favorite malls to shop. What better way to end a vaca? There happened to be a little store called “Altar’d State” that I had never heard of before. It is a fairly new store, but the clothes are “oh, so adorable!” So here is why you should love it too!

  1. The clothes are adorable (yes, I know I already said that. I’m repeating for emphasis and effect).
  2. The clothes are… just kidding.
  3. The store organizes merchandize by size. No more finding that cute shirt then getting disappointed.
  4. They are “fashion focused and cause motived” <check out the link>.
  5. It’s an Altar’d State of mind.
Below is their “Summer Fields” look book…Enjoy!


Will you dress up this Tuesday?

Link: Will you dress up this Tuesday? Facebook Page!

Dress Up Tuesday was started at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year at Washington High School. Due to the lack of a fine arts program at Washington, students needed a way to express their artistic passion and creativity. Dress Up Tuesday gives students this outlet and allows them to feel like they are a part of something. So, will you dress up this Tuesday?