Black&Blue | a cardinal sin or a way to fit in?

As a college student I frequently get out of bed 10 minutes before my next class, blindly throw on clothing, and rush out the door. I was just talking to a friend who had the same morning routine and was pointing out her “unmatched” style. She was wearing a black blazer with a navy blue chiffon shirt. I told her not to worry about because, “that’s the style these days: unmatched clothing.” Of course, there is a way to wear unmatched clothing, mixing of colors and patterns and the ever-so-wonderful eclectic look itself. Does Black&Blue break the old-school rules or does is fit in range of strange?

As I was researching fashion trends for 2012 one of the first articles I came across was from Marie Claire. The trend? Black & Blue. DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Preen showoff their runway models in two: Black… and Blue. You can check out some of these designs in the Marie Claire article, here.

Although some of us will struggle mixing the two, as we rid ourselves of what used to be faux pas, others will relish in the classy, chic, and somewhat edgy look these two dark colors bring. Fashion these days is more about inspiration. There’s really nothing new out there, just reinvention. Taking what used to bad and making fab. Looking at what used to be considered retched and turning it into something mother’s cannot believe their daughters think is “fashionable.” Everyone is just on their own.

Look to the birdcage for inspiration, not constraint. Be free. Be lovely. Be nerdy.



Goal or Limitation

When setting goals and deciding what to do in life I often have a negative spin on the situation at hand. Instead of thinking of what I could accomplish by setting a goal, I think of what I could I accomplish outside of that goal. I tend to think of goals and focus as limits on my potential and while sometimes this can be true, often it is not. Is the real issue my lack of self-confidence? Is it my desire to do something else, and not having the risk taking guts? Or, could it simply be the reality of not wanting to work hard and aim for something, in fear that success will not be achieved. All I can say is the road gets fuzzier as I walk further down. Analyzation only leads to the desire to go with my “gut” and my “gut” only leads to wanting to check and make sure it’s really the right choice which leads to me to be the lonely kid on the teeter-totter in a park of dismay.

The only way to escape this park is to cry out the One who can give me all the answers and who can join me on my teeter-totter. He is the only one who can comfort me and give me direction. And although it is often hard to hear His voice, it is the voice of peace and assurance, that, while difficult in times of waiting, is rewarding in times of discovery. And so, I wait…. with conflicting thoughts, desires and feelings slowly beginning to receive the answer… the answer He knew all along…the answer He already told me long, long ago.