the dead week that died

After returning from a fabulous Thanksgiving break I had to return to the most dreaded week of the year, dead week. But before I complain and whine about such week I will first share my Thanksgiving fun.

We went to my grandparents and celebrated a wonderful sit-down Thanksgiving meal. It was mum’s first gluten-free Thanksgiving and my aunt made a homemade broccoli and rice casserole {which happens to be my favorite holiday dish}.

Here you can see us not only enjoying our delicious meal but also discussing our government healthcare options like our president suggested.


I was also able to get a decent picture of my hair {lighting determines its color} and my lovely brother.


Not to mention, I got to see my super cute dog, Suka.


Needless to say it was a great break, until I had to return.

The worst part about dead week is that even though you have final exams to study for, final projects, assignments to complete and you are STILL taking tests in classes and finishing up course material… you have class.

And this my friends is why it is called dead week.

But eventually… a really great phenomenon happens.

Dead week dies.

In my case, it died a day early because school was cancelled due to a snow day. Also… my vocal jury was cancelled which was a real answer to a real prayer.

So… just like we watched Carrie Underwood and her gang so *wonderfully* preform last night, “So long.. Farewell” dead week. See you next sem.


It’s Over

Just like the title of one my favorite Roy Orbison songs… It’s Over. My freshman year of college is officially complete. I survived one out the supposedly four best years of my life. It flew by like a frisbee on an April afternoon.

Here’s a look on the past 9 months of my life.

One of my favorite parts about Tulsa is the coffee shops. Here was my first outing with the people who became some of my best friends. We called ourselves “The Sexy Six.”


My next favorite memory was my very first Roommate Date. I convinced my date to wear these awesome reindeer ears. We also kinda matched. After iceskating I got a scar on my foot in the shape of heart. Needless to say, this moment will always be with me. 


My floor, Imago Dei, was superb. For one of our first brother-sister wing events we played Bigger or Better. Yeah, we got a dryer.


#Twapel was and will always be a great part of my ORU experience. My friend Kendal and I did a shout out to @TwapelCats one Friday. You can also see my lovely, experienced photo bomber of a friend, Jacob, in the background.


My best Valentine’s Day to date (pun) was this year. Our brother wing sang to us and look at the Nerdy Peacock pillow my friend made me :)


ORU worships nights were alway a great refresher. I sure do love my university!


The year ended on a good note with the Imago Dei/Quest/Full Armor 2013 Banquet. I had a great date and great time with friends. I also decided I should probably take dance as an elective. :o


That isn’t even close to how great my first year. ORU was wonderful. My friends were fantastic. And I can’t wait for sophomore year to begin!

RIP Freshman Year.

August 11, 2012 – May 5, 2013


It’s Gonna Be Okay

My roommate got me a wonderful Christmas present, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal. She’s all about journaling and handwriting stuff and paper goods.

I have leather journal that my mother purchased for me over six years ago. I wrote a few things in it over the years, but was saving it for something special. I decided to dedicate it to my college adventures.

However, this journal has a more serious tone to it. I’m not big into journaling, mainly because I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. Not to mention my drab handwriting. So when Sam, my roommate, gave me this new journal I was thrilled. Now I can rant, vent and rave anytime I am overwhelmed or things just aren’t going well.


I even get inspirational quotes on every page!

So if you’re like me and you’re not much of a journal-er or you’re like Sam and you need to get someone a gift, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal is a great pick.

Cheers to all! And remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay!’

~ Leigha

In the Crook of a Steinway

Steinway & Sons My college auditions are over, and what a great experience they were. My first time to stand on a stage, in the crook of a Steinway & Sons Piano, singing Mozart and Quilter. I felt so at home, so in my niche, and so eager to do this as a career.

With singing, it’s alway been hard to decide if I wanted to do it as a career or just a hobby. When I was about twelve, this was the time that High School Musical became all the rage, I realized that singing was actually cool. I had always thought of it as the nerdy, artsy thing to do (which I am totally okay with now, not when you’re an awkward twelve). High School Musical changed the opinions of acne-faced pre-teens across America, and that changed me.

Yet, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I really committed to the degree, Vocal Performance that is. My parents will vouch when I say I am still not entirely sure. For now, however, I am entirely sure. There’s something different about this degree than any other degree I could see myself doing: aspiration. I have considered so many careers, but what I have realized is that none of them have an aspiration. Performance is something that I aspire to be the best I can be at. I sometimes do not want to perform because I don’t like presenting something that is not my full capability, unlike other things that I simply just want to do “good enough” on. I have a dream, a vision, and a goal. And I believe in it. I believe it so much that as I begin to think about the days when that dream comes to pass, I am overjoyed and almost begin to weep (which is rare for me, ha).

Aspiration is the key. You have to want to move forward. Some things stay east and west. But the greatest go north. Move forward. Dream big. And aspire to something greater than yourself, all while staying in the crook of a steinway.

The Email I Never I sent….

Dear _______,

I always wanted to write an email to Steve. I thought it would be so entirely cool, even if he didn’t reply, but I never got around to it.

When I was in sixth grade I wanted to buy a computer and started to save up my money. I really wanted a white laptop, and that’s what drew me to the MacBook. My parents tried to tell me I didn’t really need that expensive of a laptop at such a young age, but I thought otherwise. I got my computer right before starting high school and it literally kinda changed my life. After owning a Mac, I longed to get on the computer and make videos, work in iMovie, do goofy edits in iPhoto, email colleges and search the internet for new things. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and has been a part of almost everything I do.

Steve’s creations weren’t the only things that inspired me. I researched about his past and how he got started. I thought to myself, “How cool.. this kid who is so young is calling HP and talking to the head guy to ask for parts to build his newest creation!” I often think of Steve at these moments in his life when I am scared to do something due to my young age, lack of experience or lack of education.

My heart is truly sadden that you are gone, Steve. I have never lost anyone close to me, and although I do not know you, it feels as though a part of my life is gone. You will be greatly missed. I hope that you are in Heaven, and I pray for your family, coworkers, friends and fans.


17yrs. Old
Mac user since April 2008

Children’s Center Bowl

Today is just another Monday. Actually, it is superb Monday!!! It’s one of those days where I have nothing to do, so I get to actually DO stuff. Such as, sort papers, fold laundry (so I can have clean underwear, and maybe get a head start on reading my new book.

Well, since it’s Monday that also means there was a weekend! :D Last Friday we had the 2nd Annual Children’s Center Bowl: Bethany vs. Washington. The Children’s Center (CC) is an amazing place in Bethany, OK that provides care to kids with disabilities. The week leading up to the big game both schools did fundraisers to earn money for the CC. We sold t-shrits, pizza, movie day tickets, and even did some penny wars. After all the money was collected and counting up the several big donations, Washington raised over 8,000 dollars, which is more than the two schools combined raised last year (that was over 7,000). With Bethany’s donations, the schools ended up raising over 10,000 dollars to the CC kids, which was amazing!

The Bethany Pride and Warrior Pride got together and performed two pieces of music in which the CC kids came out and played their music therapy instruments. As drum major, I got too see all the kids and smiles on their faces.

Children's Center BowlOverall, this game was for sure the highlight of my weekend, among other things like hanging out with my friends and having a church picnic. Week End or Week Day, it’s good to be alive.

Last Friday of January 2011

Today is reminder that “time is but the stream I go-a fishing in” (Thoreau) because it is the last Friday of January 2011, hence the title of this post. Today is also unique because it is a month into winter and 79 degrees. Here in the great state that is smack in the middle of the U.S., we don’t have winter and summer wardrobes, there is no such thing as “storing clothes,” and the decision to not watch the weather is life and death. But oh what a beautiful day it has been. Quite and easy day too, considering I had two classes, one outside, the other a movie day. The rest of my day was spent on a field trip at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum, with some baseball Friday in between. So, instead of surfing the internet, I think I will get out and enjoy my last chance at making great memories for this great day.