Welcome 2014!

It’s crazy to think 2014 has already arrived. It just almost sounds weird and “apocalypsey.” However, as much as it sounds like it doesn’t even exist, it is here. It is now. And so am I.

Some of the most humorous NY posts are, “new year, new me” and “{insert previous year here} had some up and downs but… ” As my best friend said, “Really, you can change yourself overnight? Because I have a lot of things to work on and that would really save me some time” and what year doesn’t have ups and downs? Isn’t that called life?

All typical making fun of people aside, it is nice to see friends and family having some drive, passion and desire to change and work on making themselves better people. Even if it only lasts a few days, months or {for those people we envy} the whole 365, the excitement of new a year is something to be cheery about.

For me, a I had a wonderful time reflecting on 2013. I will spare you and do 13 highlights as opposed to 2013. ;)

  1. I was in my first “opera” {Amahl and the Night Visitors}
  2. Auditioned and Transfered universities
  3. Completed INSANITY
  4. Got my own car, Gershwin
  5. Dyed my hair red
  6. Wore leggings as pants
  7. Purchased TOMS
  8. Saw the West Side Story Broadway tour
  9. Became a Legacy Lady
  10. Did my first hair show
  11. Realized how much I LOVE my major
  12. Watched chick flicks and liked them. And admitted that.
  13. Met some freakin awesome people and made some of the best friendships ever.

In an arithmetic way I will sum it up by saying: it was a great year. So I hope you have some wonderful memories to treasure about this past year, think of some ways to improve, your ups and downs of life and find a way to be a “new you” this 2014.

Happy New Year.

the dead week that died

After returning from a fabulous Thanksgiving break I had to return to the most dreaded week of the year, dead week. But before I complain and whine about such week I will first share my Thanksgiving fun.

We went to my grandparents and celebrated a wonderful sit-down Thanksgiving meal. It was mum’s first gluten-free Thanksgiving and my aunt made a homemade broccoli and rice casserole {which happens to be my favorite holiday dish}.

Here you can see us not only enjoying our delicious meal but also discussing our government healthcare options like our president suggested.


I was also able to get a decent picture of my hair {lighting determines its color} and my lovely brother.


Not to mention, I got to see my super cute dog, Suka.


Needless to say it was a great break, until I had to return.

The worst part about dead week is that even though you have final exams to study for, final projects, assignments to complete and you are STILL taking tests in classes and finishing up course material… you have class.

And this my friends is why it is called dead week.

But eventually… a really great phenomenon happens.

Dead week dies.

In my case, it died a day early because school was cancelled due to a snow day. Also… my vocal jury was cancelled which was a real answer to a real prayer.

So… just like we watched Carrie Underwood and her gang so *wonderfully* preform last night, “So long.. Farewell” dead week. See you next sem.


It’s Gonna Be Okay

My roommate got me a wonderful Christmas present, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal. She’s all about journaling and handwriting stuff and paper goods.

I have leather journal that my mother purchased for me over six years ago. I wrote a few things in it over the years, but was saving it for something special. I decided to dedicate it to my college adventures.

However, this journal has a more serious tone to it. I’m not big into journaling, mainly because I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. Not to mention my drab handwriting. So when Sam, my roommate, gave me this new journal I was thrilled. Now I can rant, vent and rave anytime I am overwhelmed or things just aren’t going well.


I even get inspirational quotes on every page!

So if you’re like me and you’re not much of a journal-er or you’re like Sam and you need to get someone a gift, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal is a great pick.

Cheers to all! And remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay!’

~ Leigha

Candy Corn Clothes

Yes, FALL is here! I suppose I should be posting this on the ACTUALL turn of fall, but considering the leaves haven’t even turned yet, I am in no hurry. What would this great season be without candy corn? That’s right, totally unsweet. And we all know that in order to be in tune with the season’s latest fashions we must dress like the candy that surounds it.

This week, Dress-Up Tuesday incorporated just that, Candy Corn yellows, oranges, browns and whites.

How to Get this Look:

  1. Go buy some candy
  2. Eat ALL of the candy
  3. Use Duck Tape to attach the candy to your body, making an outfit.

Kidding. Mostly. Here are a few key points to fashion this fall.

  • Use your summer shorts- This fall you can get an extra use out of those summer shorts by paring them up with leggings or tights. Shorter shorts work best for balance with this look.
  • No more crack attack-Low-rise pants are so last year. Pair your outfits with pants that hit at the waist, or two fingers below the belly button. Make sure that your pants are in proportion to your torso. Also, bell bottom and wide-leg pants are huge trend.
  • Booty Boots- Boots are a great way to finish off a look with some eclectic style. Tall or short, leather is the way to go.
  • Furgalicious- No, not the chick in Black Eyed Peas. Make sure you show your support by being Fur Fall. Not only does fur look comfy and warm, it adds texture and dimension for a dramatic effects.
Keep checking back for more tips and suggestions on how to be an absolutely stunning Nerdy Peacock, like mio :)

What I have to say about Memorial Day. 

I was asked to speak at the Veterans’ Corner in Goldsby in May for the dedication of two new monuments, POW and MIA. Being Memorial Day, I found this to be also appropriate. It was rather windy, so between trying to to flash the audience, holding a mic, and keeping hold of my paper I think I did pretty well. It was honor to get to speak. Enjoy!


Snow Daze

Today is not an ordinary Thursday. One might ask, “Is there ever an ordinary day?” And to that I would say, “You are correct. Each and everyday is special in its own way.” But enough with the ridiculous philosophical junkie talk and off to bigger and better things.

I personally LOVE school. I think it would be safe the say that the majority of high school students do not wake up in the morning ecstatic about going to school. I consider these students to be crazy. Who doesn’t love (a) going to socialize with friends and meeting new people (b) learning new things (c) talking in other languages and (d) wearing scholastic attire? But with all seriousness aside, I am truly grateful for my education and my country that provides it.

The point of all this was to say, today is not an ordinary Tuesday because it’s a snow day. It worked out quite well because I have more time for homework, I can sort my “to be filed box” which is overflowing, and I didn’t exactly go to bed at the most decent time last night.

However, it is more like a snow daze. The snow is dazzling, we are given the great unexpected news of school being canceled, and we are a bit overwhelmed with all this extra time. Snow days may seem like pointless hours of freedom and relaxation, but in fact we are learning, just as we would at school. We are faced with several decisions such as, whether to fight the roads and risk safety or stay nestled in our home. Whether to sleep in and waste hours or take advantage of them. And whether to do what needs to be done or wait till tomorrow. These lessons we learn on snow days do not get us scholarships or higher ACT scores, but rather higher success rates and personal satisfaction.

And so it is time to conclude my first Text Post by saying Hello to YOU. You, my friend, are like a Day.