Fossil | What i found today

When you live in a small town like Washington, going to town is a big deal. Going to the city? Even bigger. Today was a special day to kick of this girls summer and to celebrate the freedom of graduating high school. My best friend and I, I call her Brik, both got iPads for a graduation present, and we wanted to shop for some accessories.

This little excursion led me to my two favorite stores: Apple and Fossil. The fresh smell of Apple products going to new homes, and Oh, that genuine leather! Yes! I am in love with these brands and their revolutionary products. They both represent me in a way; Apple is my modern, fast paced ,professional me whereas Fossil is my roots, my tradition, my worn and book of history.

Needless to say, after shopping today I got to help these two personalities and brands meet with my new iPad Fossil Case! I love them both so much that I am using them right now to help me right this article. They bring out my blogging side.

What are your favorite Fossil Finds? Are you fond of the brand? How to the brands you love represent who you are as a person?