Black&Blue | a cardinal sin or a way to fit in?

As a college student I frequently get out of bed 10 minutes before my next class, blindly throw on clothing, and rush out the door. I was just talking to a friend who had the same morning routine and was pointing out her “unmatched” style. She was wearing a black blazer with a navy blue chiffon shirt. I told her not to worry about because, “that’s the style these days: unmatched clothing.” Of course, there is a way to wear unmatched clothing, mixing of colors and patterns and the ever-so-wonderful eclectic look itself. Does Black&Blue break the old-school rules or does is fit in range of strange?

As I was researching fashion trends for 2012 one of the first articles I came across was from Marie Claire. The trend? Black & Blue. DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Preen showoff their runway models in two: Black… and Blue. You can check out some of these designs in the Marie Claire article, here.

Although some of us will struggle mixing the two, as we rid ourselves of what used to be faux pas, others will relish in the classy, chic, and somewhat edgy look these two dark colors bring. Fashion these days is more about inspiration. There’s really nothing new out there, just reinvention. Taking what used to bad and making fab. Looking at what used to be considered retched and turning it into something mother’s cannot believe their daughters think is “fashionable.” Everyone is just on their own.

Look to the birdcage for inspiration, not constraint. Be free. Be lovely. Be nerdy.



Altar’d State

On our way out, leaving my grandparents house, we stopped by one of my favorite malls to shop. What better way to end a vaca? There happened to be a little store called “Altar’d State” that I had never heard of before. It is a fairly new store, but the clothes are “oh, so adorable!” So here is why you should love it too!

  1. The clothes are adorable (yes, I know I already said that. I’m repeating for emphasis and effect).
  2. The clothes are… just kidding.
  3. The store organizes merchandize by size. No more finding that cute shirt then getting disappointed.
  4. They are “fashion focused and cause motived” <check out the link>.
  5. It’s an Altar’d State of mind.
Below is their “Summer Fields” look book…Enjoy!


Dot Dot Dot | …

I recently watched a video on NY Times about Louis Vuitton’s new store decor and it’s inspiration: dots. You can check out the video here: Spot On

Anyway, it had me thinking about my personal love for all sorts of dots and geometric patterns in general. So now I will take you on a brief tour, via photo, to some of the dots that fill my day.

20120716-201803.jpgThis is my backpack that has served me well since my freshman year of high school. Now that I am off to college I will be saying goodbye :(

20120716-201904.jpgHere is some of the vintage fabric that I purchased and that will soon be on Etsy for purchase!

20120716-201931.jpgThis is an adorable retro-inspired apron that my mother in the process of making.


The story behind this cat: The librarian at my school had a gorgeous glass cat that I have been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, she got it as a gift I have not been able to find one like it. My best friend was able to find this kitty for me and it’s quite special to me. Best friends are, well, the best. :)

20120716-205352.jpgThis is my phone case. In case you can’t tell.

20120716-205410.jpgAs you know, one of my favorite brands is Fossil. I like to keep the packaging because it’s so darn cute!

20120716-205959.jpgLastly, this a painting I did in art my senior year. It was one of those, “oops, I forgot to bring a project and a canvas” days. After a little photo adjustment, I think it turned out cute.

Cheers! ~Leigha

What happened (to my dress) this summer?

So you have that adorable dress you bought this spring and now it’s fall. But don’t start cleaning up your summer wardrobe yet!!! You can still wear your spring and summer fashions in the fall, and no, you wont get frostbite.

• Leggings and tights are just about the best fashion accessory. Turn short-shorts to appropriate and dresses to winter wonderland. Adding tights to any dress adds color, personality and, yes, warmth. Go bold and contrast or stay soft and settle.

•Boots. Yes, we all know boots are warm, cozy and in style but pairing boots adds “chunk” and thickness that warms your toes and your look.

•And don’t forget that cardigan. Adding a sweater can keep your shoulders from shivering and give a fuller, layered look that adds to your summer-for-fall dress.

Here’s an example of a dress I absolutely adore that I couldn’t fall without: