Welcome 2014!

It’s crazy to think 2014 has already arrived. It just almost sounds weird and “apocalypsey.” However, as much as it sounds like it doesn’t even exist, it is here. It is now. And so am I.

Some of the most humorous NY posts are, “new year, new me” and “{insert previous year here} had some up and downs but… ” As my best friend said, “Really, you can change yourself overnight? Because I have a lot of things to work on and that would really save me some time” and what year doesn’t have ups and downs? Isn’t that called life?

All typical making fun of people aside, it is nice to see friends and family having some drive, passion and desire to change and work on making themselves better people. Even if it only lasts a few days, months or {for those people we envy} the whole 365, the excitement of new a year is something to be cheery about.

For me, a I had a wonderful time reflecting on 2013. I will spare you and do 13 highlights as opposed to 2013. ;)

  1. I was in my first “opera” {Amahl and the Night Visitors}
  2. Auditioned and Transfered universities
  3. Completed INSANITY
  4. Got my own car, Gershwin
  5. Dyed my hair red
  6. Wore leggings as pants
  7. Purchased TOMS
  8. Saw the West Side Story Broadway tour
  9. Became a Legacy Lady
  10. Did my first hair show
  11. Realized how much I LOVE my major
  12. Watched chick flicks and liked them. And admitted that.
  13. Met some freakin awesome people and made some of the best friendships ever.

In an arithmetic way I will sum it up by saying: it was a great year. So I hope you have some wonderful memories to treasure about this past year, think of some ways to improve, your ups and downs of life and find a way to be a “new you” this 2014.

Happy New Year.

In the Crook of a Steinway

Steinway & Sons My college auditions are over, and what a great experience they were. My first time to stand on a stage, in the crook of a Steinway & Sons Piano, singing Mozart and Quilter. I felt so at home, so in my niche, and so eager to do this as a career.

With singing, it’s alway been hard to decide if I wanted to do it as a career or just a hobby. When I was about twelve, this was the time that High School Musical became all the rage, I realized that singing was actually cool. I had always thought of it as the nerdy, artsy thing to do (which I am totally okay with now, not when you’re an awkward twelve). High School Musical changed the opinions of acne-faced pre-teens across America, and that changed me.

Yet, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I really committed to the degree, Vocal Performance that is. My parents will vouch when I say I am still not entirely sure. For now, however, I am entirely sure. There’s something different about this degree than any other degree I could see myself doing: aspiration. I have considered so many careers, but what I have realized is that none of them have an aspiration. Performance is something that I aspire to be the best I can be at. I sometimes do not want to perform because I don’t like presenting something that is not my full capability, unlike other things that I simply just want to do “good enough” on. I have a dream, a vision, and a goal. And I believe in it. I believe it so much that as I begin to think about the days when that dream comes to pass, I am overjoyed and almost begin to weep (which is rare for me, ha).

Aspiration is the key. You have to want to move forward. Some things stay east and west. But the greatest go north. Move forward. Dream big. And aspire to something greater than yourself, all while staying in the crook of a steinway.


No, I am not humming the tune to my favorite song. Just thinking… that weird time when you have all these thoughts and feelings running through your head and you can’t quite process them but you can’t stop thinking about them….

However, when this annoying sensation occurs, as it does often, the only thing that you can do is just sit back and talk to God. Sometimes it’s more of a mutual thing, others it’s just listening… and often times just “thinking” with Him.

It’s that great feeling when you have been waiting to see what you picture was going to look like and that dot that has finally been connected makes the picture all the more visible! You can’t completely see the picture, but at that very moment you can already tell it’s going to be beautiful.

Words can’t describe because description requires some kind of grasp or understanding. Grasp and understanding seem so far away because all that can be expressed or even thought upon is pure joy and excitement.

Yet, you wonder… Is this picture going to turn out like it looks… or am I just using my imagination. And that is why spending very quiet time with the Lord is the only thing to do or even comprehend doing at times like these.

These are the moments that can’t be recreated. The joy that is so joyful it must be contained.

Last Friday of January 2011

Today is reminder that “time is but the stream I go-a fishing in” (Thoreau) because it is the last Friday of January 2011, hence the title of this post. Today is also unique because it is a month into winter and 79 degrees. Here in the great state that is smack in the middle of the U.S., we don’t have winter and summer wardrobes, there is no such thing as “storing clothes,” and the decision to not watch the weather is life and death. But oh what a beautiful day it has been. Quite and easy day too, considering I had two classes, one outside, the other a movie day. The rest of my day was spent on a field trip at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum, with some baseball Friday in between. So, instead of surfing the internet, I think I will get out and enjoy my last chance at making great memories for this great day.