Candy Corn Clothes

Yes, FALL is here! I suppose I should be posting this on the ACTUALL turn of fall, but considering the leaves haven’t even turned yet, I am in no hurry. What would this great season be without candy corn? That’s right, totally unsweet. And we all know that in order to be in tune with the season’s latest fashions we must dress like the candy that surounds it.

This week, Dress-Up Tuesday incorporated just that, Candy Corn yellows, oranges, browns and whites.

How to Get this Look:

  1. Go buy some candy
  2. Eat ALL of the candy
  3. Use Duck Tape to attach the candy to your body, making an outfit.

Kidding. Mostly. Here are a few key points to fashion this fall.

  • Use your summer shorts- This fall you can get an extra use out of those summer shorts by paring them up with leggings or tights. Shorter shorts work best for balance with this look.
  • No more crack attack-Low-rise pants are so last year. Pair your outfits with pants that hit at the waist, or two fingers below the belly button. Make sure that your pants are in proportion to your torso. Also, bell bottom and wide-leg pants are huge trend.
  • Booty Boots- Boots are a great way to finish off a look with some eclectic style. Tall or short, leather is the way to go.
  • Furgalicious- No, not the chick in Black Eyed Peas. Make sure you show your support by being Fur Fall. Not only does fur look comfy and warm, it adds texture and dimension for a dramatic effects.
Keep checking back for more tips and suggestions on how to be an absolutely stunning Nerdy Peacock, like mio :)