My Cool Dad

I submitted this article to Slice Magazine’s ( for the Cool Dads contest to nominate my father. He is the greatest dad ever, and this is what I have to say about him. Get the copy of the June issue of Slice!

My dad, David Briscoe, is making a difference in Oklahoma by sharing his God-given talent with teens, our Air Force, and married couples. He is completing his second year at Chickasha High School as the music teacher and Choir director. The students enjoy him and his teaching and have said he is a mentor to them. He is making a huge impact on these kids and has really boosted the morale of the program in the short time that he has been there. David also works at Tinker Air Force Base Chapel, where he directs the choir and leads worship. For many years he has been a  blessing to the active duty and retirees and finds great joy in serving them. Each week, someone comes up to me and lets me know how much he has blessed them. At his third job at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel he plays piano, sings, and sometimes even officiates for one of the most important days in a couple’s life. As you can tell, my dad is a very hard worker which I find very admirable. 


David’s character shows through his work everyday. He loves getting to work with the teens and being able to impact their lives in both large and small ways. Sometimes the most powerful changes are made by the simple, subtle gestures we do, like when my dad sees a student that’s having a hard time and he makes a point to talk to them after class and let them know he cares. 


My dad has amazing talent and could very easily be out making money just promoting himself. Instead, he has chosen to use his talent to teach others, bless others, and glorify God. I believe his success is due to the fact that he lives his life for Christ and lets that show through.


And last but definitely not least, as my father, David Briscoe is the best dad I could ask for. He is always there for me in my deepest times of struggle. He has been a role model and someone who I can say, “I want to be like that when I grow up.” The success I have had in my life I owe to him; he has invested much more than money in me. He is always encouraging, always believing in me and inspiring me to do great things with my life. I am proud to be David’s daughter and I am proud to hold his last name. Through my dad’s many roles, he has painted beautiful colors on the canvases of so many people’s lives, making the picture of the world a better place.