Black&Blue | a cardinal sin or a way to fit in?

As a college student I frequently get out of bed 10 minutes before my next class, blindly throw on clothing, and rush out the door. I was just talking to a friend who had the same morning routine and was pointing out her “unmatched” style. She was wearing a black blazer with a navy blue chiffon shirt. I told her not to worry about because, “that’s the style these days: unmatched clothing.” Of course, there is a way to wear unmatched clothing, mixing of colors and patterns and the ever-so-wonderful eclectic look itself. Does Black&Blue break the old-school rules or does is fit in range of strange?

As I was researching fashion trends for 2012 one of the first articles I came across was from Marie Claire. The trend? Black & Blue. DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Preen showoff their runway models in two: Black… and Blue. You can check out some of these designs in the Marie Claire article, here.

Although some of us will struggle mixing the two, as we rid ourselves of what used to be faux pas, others will relish in the classy, chic, and somewhat edgy look these two dark colors bring. Fashion these days is more about inspiration. There’s really nothing new out there, just reinvention. Taking what used to bad and making fab. Looking at what used to be considered retched and turning it into something mother’s cannot believe their daughters think is “fashionable.” Everyone is just on their own.

Look to the birdcage for inspiration, not constraint. Be free. Be lovely. Be nerdy.



Altar’d State

On our way out, leaving my grandparents house, we stopped by one of my favorite malls to shop. What better way to end a vaca? There happened to be a little store called “Altar’d State” that I had never heard of before. It is a fairly new store, but the clothes are “oh, so adorable!” So here is why you should love it too!

  1. The clothes are adorable (yes, I know I already said that. I’m repeating for emphasis and effect).
  2. The clothes are… just kidding.
  3. The store organizes merchandize by size. No more finding that cute shirt then getting disappointed.
  4. They are “fashion focused and cause motived” <check out the link>.
  5. It’s an Altar’d State of mind.
Below is their “Summer Fields” look book…Enjoy!


Tea and Vintage Fabric | My latest adventure

The other day I went to the tea-room with my mother and my first grade teacher. It was a lovely tea room and the food was quite delicious. Let’s just say vanilla tea is a new favorite. Anyway, after this little get-together we stopped by some thrift shops in the area but nothing really tickled my fancy. My mom was on her way to pick up an old vintage storage case full of fabulous buttons and she found out that the same man was selling vintage fabric.

An elderly man’s mom owned a dress shop that had to be shut down when facing hard times. She brought all the fabric home and put it in the garage where it was left untouched for at least 30 years. When her son moved in, upon her dying, he decided to start selling her collections.

My mom suggested buying it, so I did. I made my first investment and am in the works of opening my Etsy shop. :)

The best part about this little adventure was the nice little surprise I found. You know those Hawaiian, Aloha shirts? Well, the designer that made them popular, Alfred Shaheen, just so happens to be the guy that made this gorgeous poncho. I thought it was just a piece of fabric…

You never know what you’re going to find. Dig a little deeper, run a little farther, try a second longer.

Don’t sweat it…

Today is one of those sweatpants kind of day although, a cute tracksuit would make this day even greater. Tracksuits are the way to go when you are wanting comfort but don’t want to compromise style. Hollywood is seen in their Red Carpet and their designer tracksuits. Why? Tracksuits are sporty, comfy, practical but not frumpy or dull. The best part is: a good track suit never goes out of style. Here are three ways and some of a few pictures to help you get that “adorable, cozy” look.

1. Texture- It’s all about the texture. A cotton pant just isn’t as attractive as a thick velvet. Pick fabrics that have movement, low wrinkle-tendencey, and luscious texture. It looks like velour is making a comeback.

2. Color- Make it bold. When picking out a tracksuit the “make it match the rest of my wardrobe” rule does not apply. This addition to your collection will most likely be worn together and will not need to match anything else! Remember to get a shirt (or two) that goes with your tracksuit. You can mix and match these pieces as you please. Color makes your tracksuit funny, quirky and you!

3. Dress it Up- Remember that a fashion tracksuit is NOT for the gym. Do not do squats in the dressing room to “test it out.” Tracksuits have the ability to show off your curves, make you look casual but still ever so alluring. Dress up your track suit with sparkling studs or a beaded watch. Make sure you hair is a pristine ponytail, not a half-blowdryed mess. Casual can still be classy.

Extra Casual

Fun Pattern


Candy Corn Clothes

Yes, FALL is here! I suppose I should be posting this on the ACTUALL turn of fall, but considering the leaves haven’t even turned yet, I am in no hurry. What would this great season be without candy corn? That’s right, totally unsweet. And we all know that in order to be in tune with the season’s latest fashions we must dress like the candy that surounds it.

This week, Dress-Up Tuesday incorporated just that, Candy Corn yellows, oranges, browns and whites.

How to Get this Look:

  1. Go buy some candy
  2. Eat ALL of the candy
  3. Use Duck Tape to attach the candy to your body, making an outfit.

Kidding. Mostly. Here are a few key points to fashion this fall.

  • Use your summer shorts- This fall you can get an extra use out of those summer shorts by paring them up with leggings or tights. Shorter shorts work best for balance with this look.
  • No more crack attack-Low-rise pants are so last year. Pair your outfits with pants that hit at the waist, or two fingers below the belly button. Make sure that your pants are in proportion to your torso. Also, bell bottom and wide-leg pants are huge trend.
  • Booty Boots- Boots are a great way to finish off a look with some eclectic style. Tall or short, leather is the way to go.
  • Furgalicious- No, not the chick in Black Eyed Peas. Make sure you show your support by being Fur Fall. Not only does fur look comfy and warm, it adds texture and dimension for a dramatic effects.
Keep checking back for more tips and suggestions on how to be an absolutely stunning Nerdy Peacock, like mio :)

Will you dress up this Tuesday?

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Dress Up Tuesday was started at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year at Washington High School. Due to the lack of a fine arts program at Washington, students needed a way to express their artistic passion and creativity. Dress Up Tuesday gives students this outlet and allows them to feel like they are a part of something. So, will you dress up this Tuesday?