The holidays are officially over, and not just because we just put up our Christmas lights. MLK day is our way of getting back into the ease of things; slowly entering back into the normal routine. It’s also pretty busy for Heaven’s phone lines because this is when we all start praying for snow. For all the Oklahoma folks out there, good luck; I just ran around outside in my shorts and came inside only to be sweating. Note: I DO NOT have over active sweat glands.

Anywho, to the pointless point. It’s the unknown season of seasons. Not quite Valentine’s or spring, but everyone treats it like winter is over. Nothing to look forward to really, other than hoping your mom doesn’t send you an embarrassing gift on V-Day to make the your single life a little sweeter. Only passing days reminding you how far behind you are on that exercise program you were going to start, three weeks ago.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is this: since you have nothing to do and are going to over think your life in your spare time and make the rest of the winter miserable, DON’T. Check out this video instead: Read A Book