It’s Gonna Be Okay

My roommate got me a wonderful Christmas present, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal. She’s all about journaling and handwriting stuff and paper goods.

I have leather journal that my mother purchased for me over six years ago. I wrote a few things in it over the years, but was saving it for something special. I decided to dedicate it to my college adventures.

However, this journal has a more serious tone to it. I’m not big into journaling, mainly because I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. Not to mention my drab handwriting. So when Sam, my roommate, gave me this new journal I was thrilled. Now I can rant, vent and rave anytime I am overwhelmed or things just aren’t going well.


I even get inspirational quotes on every page!

So if you’re like me and you’re not much of a journal-er or you’re like Sam and you need to get someone a gift, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal is a great pick.

Cheers to all! And remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay!’

~ Leigha

Fixing Art

Today in my English class we stared The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and of course we brought up the topic of it’s re-write. It is very interesting to me how people find a book like this and change it up to make it more suitable, but of course they wont change To Kill a Mockingbird, which has some of the very same words that were changed in Finn, because, “it’s such a good book” right?

Why are we, as Americans and as people, selective in our morals? We can not choose our wars and battles. Our enemy is always fighting, and we must step up and stand up, whatever the cause may be, and we must fight until the end. This country is in war, but not against flesh and blood. We can not only fight the battles that are in the current events section.

And, in a different chapter, do we have the right to change people’s work? We can not change people’s work now, because of copyright. So our we saying that because Mark Twain was not of this age, he doesn’t have the same rights we do? Are we saying that because he is deceased he no longer has say to his work? His art is his will. We do not change our kin’s wills simply because we don’t like them or agree.

And of all the things. We listen and see profane, obscene, disgusting, perverted, offensive, and list goes on to all kinds of art. But nobody is telling high school DJ’s not to play Usher. No one’s re-writing the books in the school library. Nobody is telling the Greeks to knock down their statues. Nobody is painting over art. So why are we re-typing his?