Ballerina Project

Something I have always loved is Ballerinas.

I love their feet.

Their lines.

Their movement and grace.

When I cam across the Ballerina Project I was enthralled.

Anyway, here is a video for you to enjoy.

You should check out their Facebook page here: and scroll through their amazing photos.

And… if that inspires you to become a ballerina, check out my aunt’s studio:

Dot Dot Dot | …

I recently watched a video on NY Times about Louis Vuitton’s new store decor and it’s inspiration: dots. You can check out the video here: Spot On

Anyway, it had me thinking about my personal love for all sorts of dots and geometric patterns in general. So now I will take you on a brief tour, via photo, to some of the dots that fill my day.

20120716-201803.jpgThis is my backpack that has served me well since my freshman year of high school. Now that I am off to college I will be saying goodbye :(

20120716-201904.jpgHere is some of the vintage fabric that I purchased and that will soon be on Etsy for purchase!

20120716-201931.jpgThis is an adorable retro-inspired apron that my mother in the process of making.


The story behind this cat: The librarian at my school had a gorgeous glass cat that I have been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, she got it as a gift I have not been able to find one like it. My best friend was able to find this kitty for me and it’s quite special to me. Best friends are, well, the best. :)

20120716-205352.jpgThis is my phone case. In case you can’t tell.

20120716-205410.jpgAs you know, one of my favorite brands is Fossil. I like to keep the packaging because it’s so darn cute!

20120716-205959.jpgLastly, this a painting I did in art my senior year. It was one of those, “oops, I forgot to bring a project and a canvas” days. After a little photo adjustment, I think it turned out cute.

Cheers! ~Leigha

Things I love…

Today I thought I would share some things that I love: Keys, Bikes, and Birdcages. I don’t really know how I got to liking such items but I would guess magazines and the internet introduced me to them. I made a collage (see below) including some items that I thought were über adorable. I have created and purchased items similar to the ones in this collage and I will be posting how-to’s and pictures of my collection soon :D But for now, enjoy and share your favorite things with me!

Things I Love...

Feather top
£95 –

Canvas tote bag
$20 –

Vintage style jewelry
$34 –

Alex and Chloe chain necklace
$64 –

Chain necklace
$26 –

Eclectic Shock vintage looking jewelry
£39 –

Angelove rhinestone jewelry
$12 –

Alex Monroe vintage looking jewelry
£210 –

Martick silver chain jewelry
£30 –

Bike cushion

Key Hooked Pillow
$44 –

Fixing Art

Today in my English class we stared The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and of course we brought up the topic of it’s re-write. It is very interesting to me how people find a book like this and change it up to make it more suitable, but of course they wont change To Kill a Mockingbird, which has some of the very same words that were changed in Finn, because, “it’s such a good book” right?

Why are we, as Americans and as people, selective in our morals? We can not choose our wars and battles. Our enemy is always fighting, and we must step up and stand up, whatever the cause may be, and we must fight until the end. This country is in war, but not against flesh and blood. We can not only fight the battles that are in the current events section.

And, in a different chapter, do we have the right to change people’s work? We can not change people’s work now, because of copyright. So our we saying that because Mark Twain was not of this age, he doesn’t have the same rights we do? Are we saying that because he is deceased he no longer has say to his work? His art is his will. We do not change our kin’s wills simply because we don’t like them or agree.

And of all the things. We listen and see profane, obscene, disgusting, perverted, offensive, and list goes on to all kinds of art. But nobody is telling high school DJ’s not to play Usher. No one’s re-writing the books in the school library. Nobody is telling the Greeks to knock down their statues. Nobody is painting over art. So why are we re-typing his?