Fossil | What i found today

When you live in a small town like Washington, going to town is a big deal. Going to the city? Even bigger. Today was a special day to kick of this girls summer and to celebrate the freedom of graduating high school. My best friend and I, I call her Brik, both got iPads for a graduation present, and we wanted to shop for some accessories.

This little excursion led me to my two favorite stores: Apple and Fossil. The fresh smell of Apple products going to new homes, and Oh, that genuine leather! Yes! I am in love with these brands and their revolutionary products. They both represent me in a way; Apple is my modern, fast paced ,professional me whereas Fossil is my roots, my tradition, my worn and book of history.

Needless to say, after shopping today I got to help these two personalities and brands meet with my new iPad Fossil Case! I love them both so much that I am using them right now to help me right this article. They bring out my blogging side.

What are your favorite Fossil Finds? Are you fond of the brand? How to the brands you love represent who you are as a person?

Instagram and the iPhone

If you’re like most artistic people, almost everything you see, you try to imagine how it could make a great photograph, video, or craft. Anytime you see a unique tree or old building you wish you had a camera. For that, you have the iPhone, which takes beautiful pictures with the 4s’s new 8 megapixel camera. Photography captures emotions as it captures moments; there are some moments that videos just don’t cut it and Twitter just isn’t enough characters. This is were Instagram comes into play.

Instagram was created about 13 months ago for iPhone (or any iOS device) users to *instantly* share their photos with the world. Instagram is like Twitter for your photos. Of course, just like any social app, it has it’s downsides. Here is the good, bad, and ugly (and yes, we’re referring to photos).

The app allows anyone to share photos! This is great for all you photo enthusiast. However, Newbob’s Law still applies:  just because you use Instagram doesn’t make you a photographer.

From Instagram user @gulnara

You want to tell everyone about how you just got engaged! Well, most people don’t have time to read your three-status long story about it, and we don’t want  gushy details. We just want to see the significant other, and the ring. Plus, as we all know, a picture is worth 420 characters. Show us how you really feel.

From Instagram user @photooftheday

What about those adorable new shoes you want to share with your girlfriends? A lot of good telling us about them does. Share you’re outfit, new shoes, or that new book on a your new IKEA coffee table. Then, instantly share it with all your Twitter stalkers and Facebook Freddies. P.S. We do love the following shoes :D

From Instagram user @lovegramers


Instagram’s navigation could use some work and  it’s slightly creepy having people “Love” your pictures that don’t know you. But all-in-all, Instgram allows everyone to find the photographer in themselves. So, what the heck, follow us on Instgram:@NerdyPeacock.

Instagram tips coming soon!

The Email I Never I sent….

Dear _______,

I always wanted to write an email to Steve. I thought it would be so entirely cool, even if he didn’t reply, but I never got around to it.

When I was in sixth grade I wanted to buy a computer and started to save up my money. I really wanted a white laptop, and that’s what drew me to the MacBook. My parents tried to tell me I didn’t really need that expensive of a laptop at such a young age, but I thought otherwise. I got my computer right before starting high school and it literally kinda changed my life. After owning a Mac, I longed to get on the computer and make videos, work in iMovie, do goofy edits in iPhoto, email colleges and search the internet for new things. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and has been a part of almost everything I do.

Steve’s creations weren’t the only things that inspired me. I researched about his past and how he got started. I thought to myself, “How cool.. this kid who is so young is calling HP and talking to the head guy to ask for parts to build his newest creation!” I often think of Steve at these moments in his life when I am scared to do something due to my young age, lack of experience or lack of education.

My heart is truly sadden that you are gone, Steve. I have never lost anyone close to me, and although I do not know you, it feels as though a part of my life is gone. You will be greatly missed. I hope that you are in Heaven, and I pray for your family, coworkers, friends and fans.


17yrs. Old
Mac user since April 2008