Last Friday of January 2011

Today is reminder that “time is but the stream I go-a fishing in” (Thoreau) because it is the last Friday of January 2011, hence the title of this post. Today is also unique because it is a month into winter and 79 degrees. Here in the great state that is smack in the middle of the U.S., we don’t have winter and summer wardrobes, there is no such thing as “storing clothes,” and the decision to not watch the weather is life and death. But oh what a beautiful day it has been. Quite and easy day too, considering I had two classes, one outside, the other a movie day. The rest of my day was spent on a field trip at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum, with some baseball Friday in between. So, instead of surfing the internet, I think I will get out and enjoy my last chance at making great memories for this great day.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth is a tricky thing. When you are young, like me, it is very hard to feel as though you can, shall I say, fend for yourself. In reality, no one can live an independent life in an interdependent society. But society is not our mother! There are things that have to be done, and the only person to motivate us, remind us and punish us, is well, ourselves. This, among other things, demands us to be teachable, disciplined and driven individuals which contributes to our personal growth.

Although we depend on people every day of our lives, we can only depend on ourselves for our personal growth, or lack there of. Along with this, we can only blame ourselves when we do not reach the personal growth we wish to achieve. And so this how personal growth is tricky; it requires us to be honest with ourselves. We can make excuses why we didn’t get our to do list done. We can blame our bad test grade on the teacher’s failure to teach. And even though our poorly laid out plans and bad study habits are to blame, we somehow feel the need to make ourselves feel better and make excuses. Until we identify ourselves as the problem, we will never find ourselves getting things done or making A’s on tests. We will go to bed each day thinking, maybe tomorrow.

Personal growth is our open door to success. No matter what your situation, where you come from, what you have been through, or who you see yourself as, you can achieve whatever you please because you are in charge of your personal growth. As we grow, we learn from our mistakes, we move on from the past, and we learn to not let life control us, but to take control of our lives. We began to realize who we really are and not base they way we view ourselves on what we choose to define as success.

It is your life, your choice and your decision. A seed has been planted on your lawn. It’s up the you, the homeowner, to water it. Will it grow or will it whither to the ground?

Snow Daze

Today is not an ordinary Thursday. One might ask, “Is there ever an ordinary day?” And to that I would say, “You are correct. Each and everyday is special in its own way.” But enough with the ridiculous philosophical junkie talk and off to bigger and better things.

I personally LOVE school. I think it would be safe the say that the majority of high school students do not wake up in the morning ecstatic about going to school. I consider these students to be crazy. Who doesn’t love (a) going to socialize with friends and meeting new people (b) learning new things (c) talking in other languages and (d) wearing scholastic attire? But with all seriousness aside, I am truly grateful for my education and my country that provides it.

The point of all this was to say, today is not an ordinary Tuesday because it’s a snow day. It worked out quite well because I have more time for homework, I can sort my “to be filed box” which is overflowing, and I didn’t exactly go to bed at the most decent time last night.

However, it is more like a snow daze. The snow is dazzling, we are given the great unexpected news of school being canceled, and we are a bit overwhelmed with all this extra time. Snow days may seem like pointless hours of freedom and relaxation, but in fact we are learning, just as we would at school. We are faced with several decisions such as, whether to fight the roads and risk safety or stay nestled in our home. Whether to sleep in and waste hours or take advantage of them. And whether to do what needs to be done or wait till tomorrow. These lessons we learn on snow days do not get us scholarships or higher ACT scores, but rather higher success rates and personal satisfaction.

And so it is time to conclude my first Text Post by saying Hello to YOU. You, my friend, are like a Day.