To Bunk or Not To Bunk?

My roommate and I have had the ever-so-long dilemma of trying to decide if we should bunk our beds or not. Some dorms make this decision easy for students by having non-stackable beds. Others have beds that can be raised for more storage. For most, the hardest part about choosing whether or not to bunk comes down to the fact that no one wants on top. Lucky for my roommate, I volunteered to take top if it meant we could have more floorspace.

Right after we signed up to have our beds bunked we had open dorms (where guys can come into girls dorms and vice versa). The first two people who came in our room complimented our side-by-side beds and thus the dilemma surfaced again.

Our plan of action:

We made a list pros and cons list.

Pros: More floor space, more guests, room to play Xbox Kinect, space for some comfy seating

Cons: Difficult access to top bunk, everyone sits on bottom bed, loss of under bed storage

Basically, this didn’t help either. So our second plan of action was to send a Tweet requesting that people visit Room 319 and vote for our new room set up.

Can you guess what won? Tune in when the maintenance guys come and we will post pics for you to see. :)


~ Leigha


sauve-moi de français

At first, French seemed like a wonderful thing. There are tons of French songs that I love, it’s a beautiful language, and I love learning about new cultures. However, this class has turned out it is my enemy.

I am sitting here in my second semester of French 101 (I hade to retake the class) wasting 40 min. of my time just sitting here. Well, actually I’m blogging now because I have nothing else better to do. I am glad that this semester’s teacher is better than the last and the work load is much lighter but this evening class is killing me.

7-9pm. Mondays and Thursdays.

French. French. French.

Save me. Please.

Maybe I will learn a lesson in all of this. Such as, don’t make a “D.”


An attempt at some cheers,

~ Leigha

It’s Gonna Be Okay

My roommate got me a wonderful Christmas present, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal. She’s all about journaling and handwriting stuff and paper goods.

I have leather journal that my mother purchased for me over six years ago. I wrote a few things in it over the years, but was saving it for something special. I decided to dedicate it to my college adventures.

However, this journal has a more serious tone to it. I’m not big into journaling, mainly because I have a hard time articulating my thoughts. Not to mention my drab handwriting. So when Sam, my roommate, gave me this new journal I was thrilled. Now I can rant, vent and rave anytime I am overwhelmed or things just aren’t going well.


I even get inspirational quotes on every page!

So if you’re like me and you’re not much of a journal-er or you’re like Sam and you need to get someone a gift, the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” journal is a great pick.

Cheers to all! And remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay!’

~ Leigha

Ballerina Project

Something I have always loved is Ballerinas.

I love their feet.

Their lines.

Their movement and grace.

When I cam across the Ballerina Project I was enthralled.

Anyway, here is a video for you to enjoy.

You should check out their Facebook page here: and scroll through their amazing photos.

And… if that inspires you to become a ballerina, check out my aunt’s studio:

Black&Blue | a cardinal sin or a way to fit in?

As a college student I frequently get out of bed 10 minutes before my next class, blindly throw on clothing, and rush out the door. I was just talking to a friend who had the same morning routine and was pointing out her “unmatched” style. She was wearing a black blazer with a navy blue chiffon shirt. I told her not to worry about because, “that’s the style these days: unmatched clothing.” Of course, there is a way to wear unmatched clothing, mixing of colors and patterns and the ever-so-wonderful eclectic look itself. Does Black&Blue break the old-school rules or does is fit in range of strange?

As I was researching fashion trends for 2012 one of the first articles I came across was from Marie Claire. The trend? Black & Blue. DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Preen showoff their runway models in two: Black… and Blue. You can check out some of these designs in the Marie Claire article, here.

Although some of us will struggle mixing the two, as we rid ourselves of what used to be faux pas, others will relish in the classy, chic, and somewhat edgy look these two dark colors bring. Fashion these days is more about inspiration. There’s really nothing new out there, just reinvention. Taking what used to bad and making fab. Looking at what used to be considered retched and turning it into something mother’s cannot believe their daughters think is “fashionable.” Everyone is just on their own.

Look to the birdcage for inspiration, not constraint. Be free. Be lovely. Be nerdy.



College Life

I moved in to college about three weeks ago and as a result I have not blogged in sometime. In the midst of adjusting to my new schedule and having a complete blast at ORU I have yet to block off time to write. I typically write to get things off my mind and de-stress, so I figured it is about time to post a little something.

Anyway, college life is great. I do wish I didn’t have classes at 7:50am and I for sure miss coming home at 3:00 and having the rest of the evening to myself. However, I am perfectly okay giving that up because, like I said, I love it here! That being said, I still miss my soft toilet paper.

I think the best part about college is knowing that you are working for something you really want. Being in a music class that is challenging and requires lots of outside work can be quite annoying, however I have a desire and reason to learn it. I see how each class can help with my future as a musician and performer and that’s what drives me push myself in each class, not so I can get straight A’s and give a speech at graduation (which was totally worth it by the way).

On that note (as music major, I make lots of notes), I have many more articles to come about my college experiences, including my dorm!

For now, have a great school year and enjoy every minute of it!


Altar’d State

On our way out, leaving my grandparents house, we stopped by one of my favorite malls to shop. What better way to end a vaca? There happened to be a little store called “Altar’d State” that I had never heard of before. It is a fairly new store, but the clothes are “oh, so adorable!” So here is why you should love it too!

  1. The clothes are adorable (yes, I know I already said that. I’m repeating for emphasis and effect).
  2. The clothes are… just kidding.
  3. The store organizes merchandize by size. No more finding that cute shirt then getting disappointed.
  4. They are “fashion focused and cause motived” <check out the link>.
  5. It’s an Altar’d State of mind.
Below is their “Summer Fields” look book…Enjoy!


Dot Dot Dot | …

I recently watched a video on NY Times about Louis Vuitton’s new store decor and it’s inspiration: dots. You can check out the video here: Spot On

Anyway, it had me thinking about my personal love for all sorts of dots and geometric patterns in general. So now I will take you on a brief tour, via photo, to some of the dots that fill my day.

20120716-201803.jpgThis is my backpack that has served me well since my freshman year of high school. Now that I am off to college I will be saying goodbye :(

20120716-201904.jpgHere is some of the vintage fabric that I purchased and that will soon be on Etsy for purchase!

20120716-201931.jpgThis is an adorable retro-inspired apron that my mother in the process of making.


The story behind this cat: The librarian at my school had a gorgeous glass cat that I have been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, she got it as a gift I have not been able to find one like it. My best friend was able to find this kitty for me and it’s quite special to me. Best friends are, well, the best. :)

20120716-205352.jpgThis is my phone case. In case you can’t tell.

20120716-205410.jpgAs you know, one of my favorite brands is Fossil. I like to keep the packaging because it’s so darn cute!

20120716-205959.jpgLastly, this a painting I did in art my senior year. It was one of those, “oops, I forgot to bring a project and a canvas” days. After a little photo adjustment, I think it turned out cute.

Cheers! ~Leigha

Tea and Vintage Fabric | My latest adventure

The other day I went to the tea-room with my mother and my first grade teacher. It was a lovely tea room and the food was quite delicious. Let’s just say vanilla tea is a new favorite. Anyway, after this little get-together we stopped by some thrift shops in the area but nothing really tickled my fancy. My mom was on her way to pick up an old vintage storage case full of fabulous buttons and she found out that the same man was selling vintage fabric.

An elderly man’s mom owned a dress shop that had to be shut down when facing hard times. She brought all the fabric home and put it in the garage where it was left untouched for at least 30 years. When her son moved in, upon her dying, he decided to start selling her collections.

My mom suggested buying it, so I did. I made my first investment and am in the works of opening my Etsy shop. :)

The best part about this little adventure was the nice little surprise I found. You know those Hawaiian, Aloha shirts? Well, the designer that made them popular, Alfred Shaheen, just so happens to be the guy that made this gorgeous poncho. I thought it was just a piece of fabric…

You never know what you’re going to find. Dig a little deeper, run a little farther, try a second longer.

Things I love…

Today I thought I would share some things that I love: Keys, Bikes, and Birdcages. I don’t really know how I got to liking such items but I would guess magazines and the internet introduced me to them. I made a collage (see below) including some items that I thought were über adorable. I have created and purchased items similar to the ones in this collage and I will be posting how-to’s and pictures of my collection soon :D But for now, enjoy and share your favorite things with me!

Things I Love...

Feather top
£95 –

Canvas tote bag
$20 –

Vintage style jewelry
$34 –

Alex and Chloe chain necklace
$64 –

Chain necklace
$26 –

Eclectic Shock vintage looking jewelry
£39 –

Angelove rhinestone jewelry
$12 –

Alex Monroe vintage looking jewelry
£210 –

Martick silver chain jewelry
£30 –

Bike cushion

Key Hooked Pillow
$44 –

Fossil | What i found today

When you live in a small town like Washington, going to town is a big deal. Going to the city? Even bigger. Today was a special day to kick of this girls summer and to celebrate the freedom of graduating high school. My best friend and I, I call her Brik, both got iPads for a graduation present, and we wanted to shop for some accessories.

This little excursion led me to my two favorite stores: Apple and Fossil. The fresh smell of Apple products going to new homes, and Oh, that genuine leather! Yes! I am in love with these brands and their revolutionary products. They both represent me in a way; Apple is my modern, fast paced ,professional me whereas Fossil is my roots, my tradition, my worn and book of history.

Needless to say, after shopping today I got to help these two personalities and brands meet with my new iPad Fossil Case! I love them both so much that I am using them right now to help me right this article. They bring out my blogging side.

What are your favorite Fossil Finds? Are you fond of the brand? How to the brands you love represent who you are as a person?

In the Crook of a Steinway

Steinway & Sons My college auditions are over, and what a great experience they were. My first time to stand on a stage, in the crook of a Steinway & Sons Piano, singing Mozart and Quilter. I felt so at home, so in my niche, and so eager to do this as a career.

With singing, it’s alway been hard to decide if I wanted to do it as a career or just a hobby. When I was about twelve, this was the time that High School Musical became all the rage, I realized that singing was actually cool. I had always thought of it as the nerdy, artsy thing to do (which I am totally okay with now, not when you’re an awkward twelve). High School Musical changed the opinions of acne-faced pre-teens across America, and that changed me.

Yet, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I really committed to the degree, Vocal Performance that is. My parents will vouch when I say I am still not entirely sure. For now, however, I am entirely sure. There’s something different about this degree than any other degree I could see myself doing: aspiration. I have considered so many careers, but what I have realized is that none of them have an aspiration. Performance is something that I aspire to be the best I can be at. I sometimes do not want to perform because I don’t like presenting something that is not my full capability, unlike other things that I simply just want to do “good enough” on. I have a dream, a vision, and a goal. And I believe in it. I believe it so much that as I begin to think about the days when that dream comes to pass, I am overjoyed and almost begin to weep (which is rare for me, ha).

Aspiration is the key. You have to want to move forward. Some things stay east and west. But the greatest go north. Move forward. Dream big. And aspire to something greater than yourself, all while staying in the crook of a steinway.