The beginning of the end

Today marks the beginning of ending my journey here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yesterday I was able to announce that I have been accepted into the music department at the University of Oklahoma for the Spring semester. Today is my last day at my job here at  New York & Company, which I just recently started and thouroughly enjoyed.

Somethings are going to be really great and exciting like my new university life, living at home again {that should be interesting} and being in a more “real world” environment. However, I was really starting like Tulsa.

I have some great memories here between the hipster coffee shops, the rose gardens, the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Downtown, and of course my unique campus of ORU.

So here marks the beginning of the end. Goodbye New York & Co. You were great.


~ Leigha


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