Let the music do the talking



Sometimes they rhyme. But not all the time.

Some times given as a hint. Other times given up for Lent.

What role do they play

in the sharing of Music?

Or are they just to have us stray

from the Music?


That was my original poem written originally by me. It also serves as my introductory paragraph to this post. The inspiration behind this poem is based upon recent and not-so-recent events that I have both experienced and watched others experience, mainly females.

Music is a huge part of my life. It is my life. And no,  I am not just one of those teenagers who feels like music “moves” them and blah blah. I am music major and if music is not my life I will probably end up being an unemployed, starving girl on the streets. Come to think of it, this is sounding like a great plot for a movie. Maybe I should take some acting classes so I can star in the story of my life.

Back to the music thing. Something that I thoroughly enjoy in music is the sharing and discovering of new artists. When I do this I tend to focus more on the musical side of things, rather than the lyrics. Not to say that lyrics are not important to me, but I would say that the actual music is definitely what I am listening to more. This probably relates to my background in music.

That being said, I have heard an über amount of girls try to analyze what the lyrics of a song mean when a guy plays it for them. In my mind, I am thinking they’re crazy. However, this could be tainted by my tendency not pay much attention to lyrics at all and my theory that all girls are crazy.

Then, I started paying more attention to myself. I realized that when I am humming a tune that “randomly” pops in my head, the lyrics often pertain to my current circumstance, emotion or mood, or simply the weather. Take somethings as obvious as this; yesterday it was raining. I didn’t sing a song about the beach or summer, I sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Singing In The Rain,” and “Tomorrow.” It was all rooted from the lyrics.

So maybe when we sing songs to each other, share them with others, or get them stuck in our head, it’s not just to the tune. Could we be subconsciously pulling these songs out of our bank because of the emotional or dictional connotation that we have saved along with that piece?

Maybe we’re not crazy for analyzing. Some people let the music do the talking.


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