To Bunk or Not To Bunk?

My roommate and I have had the ever-so-long dilemma of trying to decide if we should bunk our beds or not. Some dorms make this decision easy for students by having non-stackable beds. Others have beds that can be raised for more storage. For most, the hardest part about choosing whether or not to bunk comes down to the fact that no one wants on top. Lucky for my roommate, I volunteered to take top if it meant we could have more floorspace.

Right after we signed up to have our beds bunked we had open dorms (where guys can come into girls dorms and vice versa). The first two people who came in our room complimented our side-by-side beds and thus the dilemma surfaced again.

Our plan of action:

We made a list pros and cons list.

Pros: More floor space, more guests, room to play Xbox Kinect, space for some comfy seating

Cons: Difficult access to top bunk, everyone sits on bottom bed, loss of under bed storage

Basically, this didn’t help either. So our second plan of action was to send a Tweet requesting that people visit Room 319 and vote for our new room set up.

Can you guess what won? Tune in when the maintenance guys come and we will post pics for you to see. :)


~ Leigha